Need Permission?

2015-04-30 13:59:25 by introstalge


Short answer: yes.

That includes commercial uses for most tracks too. See below for more details.


Are you here because you would like to use one of my tracks in your work? No problem. The general response is, "absolutely"! Most of my work is lisenced under a "Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International" lisence. You can check what this entails here. Basically, it means you are allowed to use my work if you credit me properly. 

  • How do I check which tracks I can use?

Go to my soundcloud page and click on a track. Click the "Show more" button to show the whole description. If, at the bottom, you see, "by TARPEY is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence", you can use it.

  • Can I use your music commercially?

Yes. This includes Youtube monetisation. However, check the lisence first. Not all of my music is Creative Commons lisenced.

  • How do I properly give credit?

Go to my soundcloud page, select a track and copy/paste the title and URL into your work or description.

[Track Title] by [Artist Name] (I have had many different names) or [Artist Name] - [Track Title]

[Track URL]


Aimless Direction by Introstalge; or, Introstalge - Aimless Direction

I only use Newgrounds for NGADM entries. As a result, my account is fairly innactive. Should you need to contact me, please send a message on Soundcloud or an email to

Thanks for the support!



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If you're here because I followed you, hello!

I wanna keep up with the NGADM, this is easier for me than the thread.