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redemption redemption

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Cute little ditty here. The melodies evolve so well and work together nicely. Really chilled track, the flow is perfect. Drums are a tad underwhelming, the programming is great but the processing leaves them sounding flat to my taste. Would have liked to hear some more ear candy to keep things interesting though the mellow breaks, it sounds like you've made a start but I think it can be developed much further (granted the time, 3 days for a 7 minute song is damn impressive ;D)

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johnfn responds:

Ear candy is overrated ;-) It's all about THE MELODIES MAN

There There

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Totally feeling a Madeon vibe in this one. Your lead synths are so delicious and catchy, as always. You make really good, creative use of reverb and everything ties together so nicely. Definitely one of your best!

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garlagan responds:

Oh man, Madeon is one of my biggest inspirations. Listening to his music makes me want to make music and quit making music both at the same time.
Glad you liked the track. Thanks man!

ghosts ghosts

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Mix doesn't sound all that bad to me. For a rushed job it's actually quick good. Really nice composition, I love all of the different melodies in this track, especially the from 2:48. It would sound so sick as a guitar solo! The transitions are mostly quite smooth but could be ironed out a little (the transition at 1:38 is particularly abrupt). That dubstep section at the end kicks ass btw!

johnfn responds:

I kinda thought about making that into a guitar solo! I think I even tried but then I was like "crap out of time"... haha. Also lol dubstep I never intended to make dubstep. I dunno if it even is dubstep heh.